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Stories from the Pilots and Men of the 475th Fighter Group

Lt. Gen.(ret) Takahashi as a foe.

The 475th Fighter Group and its Museum have been honored by a donation and a visit from a former foe. Lt. Gen. Masaji Takahashi (Ret) was a Japanese pilot during WWII and fought against the 475th Fighter Group over the skies of Manila in 1945. Following the War, Takahashi remained in the service and in 1955 served as defense attaché at Japan's Embassy in the USA. He retired from the military in 1972 as a Lt. Gen. He then went on to become a corporate executive.

Bridging a 50 year gap, with Pete Madison, as a friend.

In the past few years he has renewed contacts with our group, only on a friendlier basis. He has exchanged visits with some of our members both here and in Japan. Last year he wanted to honor his former enemies and donated to the 475th Museum. In December of 1995 he was able to accompany Pete Madison on a tour of the facility.

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