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Tour the MuseumThe new 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation museum is now located at the Planes of Fame Air Museum at the Chino Airport in Chino, California. The stories and memorabilia of this highly decorated group, which flew the P-38 in combat, are now permanently housed in a new display hangar constructed entirely by the members of the 475th. The 475th Fighter Group hangar was donated to Planes of Fame Air Museum in October, 2009, and becomes the new home of the Museum’s Lockheed P-38 Lightning. If you haven’t been to Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA recently, make sure you stop to see this great new addition to the Museum.


Lightning Strikes

Thanks to author Ronald W. Yoshino's family for granting the 475th FGHF permission to share his book "Lightning Strikes", which includes the 475th FG’s involvement in the WWII Pacific Theater. Lightning Strikes will be shared via monthly installments of each chapter that will be uploaded to the website for reading.

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Chapter Seven: "I Have Returned" : Leyte to Lingayan, August-December 1944

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Our museum is located at the Planes of Fame Air Museum at the Chino Airport in Chino, California.


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This section will contain a list of links to stories of Battles the 47th engaged in. Look for more battles to be posted in the near future!

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{rokbox title=|Arthur B. Peregoy Letter| thumbsize=|160 200|}images/stories/battles/rabaul_1.gif{/rokbox}




August 14, 1944

Mr. Arthur B. Peregoy,
919 W. North Avenue,
Baltimore, Maryland.
Dear Mr. Peregoy;

I know you will have a very personal interest in the accompanying book which tells the story of the bold attack made on Japanese shipping in Simpson Harbor, Rabaul, on November 2, 1943.  The book has been specially prepared as a tribute to the intrepid airmen who made this fine accomplishment possible, one of whom was your son, Captain Arthur L. Peregoy.

The Story and pictures reveal to you the scope and daring of this operation - how our aircraft attacked at below masthead height and, in only twelve minutes, destroyed or damaged 114,572 tons of enemy shipping and destroyed 85 Japanese aircraft.

This is a bright page in the history of the Army Air Forces, indeed in the history of our country.  Aside from the importance of this raid for its destruction of enemy material, its morale value was incalculable: the aggressor was once again given a taste of barbed American steel, was purpose have made us the great nation that we are.

What was done at Rabaul was done by individual Americans working together as a team for our common cause.  The history of our Nation contains the names of stirring battles, and Rabaul has now been added to this list.  When its name is mentioned in time to come, and all our countrymen remember the glory of this day, you may contemplate with pride upon the part your son played in this historic event.

Very sincerely yours,

H. H. Arnold,
General, U. S. Army,
Commanding General, Army Air Forces.