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475th Aces

We dedicate this page of our website to the "Aces" of the 475th Fighter group. These are the special men who achieved the status of fighter ace by personally destroying five or more enemy aircraft in air to air combat. The stakes in the game they entered were high, and many of the aces listed here themselves became victims. Some were killed in action, some were fortunate enough to have survived, to return and fight another day. A listing of these gallant warriors follows.

Not listed here are those who may not have become aces but whose contribution to this unit's record of 547 air to air combat victories should not be ignored. Also, all pilots flew the very dangerous missions involving dive-bombing, low level skip-bombing and strafing. They destroyed innumerable aircraft on the ground, sunk watercraft, and performed the important role of
fighter escort for bomber and transport aircraft. Bomber crews loved to look up and see twin tailed P-38s providing that protective shield against intercepting enemy fighters. It must be realized that these flyers would not have been so successful without the superb support of the ground personnel working under the most deplorable conditions. The achievements of these Non-Commissioned Officers and enlisted men were held in awe by the pilots. From the aircraft crew chiefs to the other personnel working in armament, hydraulics, communications and supply, they managed to keep the P-38 a finely tuned, lean, mean, fighting machine from engine performance to gun bore-sighting. So to all personnel of the 475th Fighter Group, America salutes you for your sacrifices, heroism and dedication in defending these United States of America during this most trying time in our history.


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