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Make a $100.00 (or more) TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation to the 475th Fighter Group Museum and you will have the Name of your choice added to the “WALL OF HONOR” Located in the museum.

In 1993 the 475th Fighter Group organization, an unincorporated association, elected to establish a non-profit corporation and qualify it as a qualified charitable organization so that contributions to it would be deductible under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and also with the thought in mind of attempting to establish a permanent foundation to fund the operation of its museum to be established at March Field. The corporation was organized as a Kansas non-profit corporation under the name of “475th FIGHTER GROUP HISTORICAL FOUNDATION, INC.” and application made for the establishment of its 501(c) (3) status which was subsequently approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

The operation of the fund to date has been to largely support the establishment of the museum building and the museum at March Field and most of the funds received to date have been spent for this purpose and for establishing the initial exhibits. Accordingly, at this time the Trustees of the Foundation would like to proceed with raising an endowment fund of approximately $200,000 which would be maintained intact and invested with the proceeds to be used to support the operation of the museum. The funds would be invested and hopefully would earn a total return of approximately 10% per annum. This would provide $20,000 a year of which approximately $12,000 could go towards the operation of the museum and the balance could be reinvested so that the principal of the fund would be maintained and increased to keep up with inflation. If the total return of the fund were to be spent each year, the principal of the fund actually would be eroded by the effect of inflation.

The trusties are elected annually by the members of the Foundation. The by-laws of the corporation provide that a person establishes membership in the Foundation by the payment of dues of 250.00 per year.

Substantial contributions by some of the members have provided a majority of the funds of the Foundation to date. However, we hope that in raising the funds for the permanent endowment we will have broad participation. Lee Northrop, Museum Director, has contributed tremendous amounts of time and effort to complete the building and develop exhibits. Other members in the Southern California area have also contributed diligently to these effort. Our hope is that in the future we can develop a continuing interest in the maintenance and operation of the museum through the children and other descendants of 475th Fighter Group members.

Contributions to the museum or to the Endowment Fund may be sent to:
Fleurette Miller

11835 Roe Avenue, Suite 159
Leawood, Kansas 66211
Please make checks payable to “475th FGHF”