Thomas Simms has bailed out for the last time, 77 years after being shot down in New Guinea. What a full life he had, especially compared to his fellow 475th members who never returned from the war. 2 wives, 3 children , 6 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. He had the “biggest grin” in High School and a sense of humor that never quit. He will be missed.

T. J. Simms (432nd Squadron) was shot down on September 20, 1943 while returning from a mission to Wewak. He bailed out at about 600 ft, breaking his back parachuting into the jungle near Tsili-Tsili. It took 5 days to get hospital treatment. He had 2 victories during his previous 14 combat missions.

Tom was with the 432nd Squadron and we were fortunate that he was able to attend the 2014 reunion in Chino.

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