The 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation (475th FGHF) is an organization founded by the veterans of the 475th FG, 5th Army Air Force. These veterans based in New Guinea, joined with General Douglas MacArthur’s forces in crossing the Pacific to defeat the enemy and liberate the Philippines from the Japanese to fulfill his “I Shall Return” promise. The 475th also served in Korea immediately after WW II as well.

The 475th FG exclusively flew the P-38 Lightning, the first attack plane of its kind. These planes were the first to have electrical magneto engines that had a speed and maneuverability unseen before, and were the forerunner of a new breed of aircraft. The 5th Army Air Force disbanded after WWII and Squadrons 431 and 432 were disbanded as well. Only the 433rd Squadron is still operational, currently operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

These veterans began to meet semi-regularly in the 1960’s after WWII and Korea. The 475th FGHF grew to include family members and friends of the original veterans and includes the presentation and preservation of memorabilia associated with the 475th FG, its history and service.

The goal of the 475th FGHF is to keep the memories and values of the 475th FG veterans alive, and to keep the history of the unit and its squadrons intact and available to educate future generations. The purpose for educating new generations unfamiliar with the 475th FG is to represent the unit as the finest example of American ingenuity, courage, and selflessness in service, and to inspire future generations to uphold these values.

To that end, the 475th FGHF has 3 venues currently. These venues house memorabilia or monuments dedicated to the 475th FG and its veterans.