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WWII veteran soars the skies one last time

Sep. 03, 2017 - 2:11 - 91-year-old Navy and Air Force pilot gets to fly again

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The Illuminated Manuscripts of Henry Toll '42
Allen D. Boyer

475th Fighter Group Records, Maxwell Air Force Base; photo by Allen D. Boyer475th Fighter Group Records, Maxwell Air Force Base; photo by Allen D. Boyer(from the author)
I have published an article on art done by Henry Toll of the 432nd Fighter Squadron, and am interested in getting it circulated to members of the 475th FG and Foundation.

While doing research in the Air Force archive at Maxwell AFB, I ran across a series of odd, beautiful unit records: monthly Group History covers and records that Lt Toll had painted, maps that he had drawn for unit reports, the squadron insignia that he submitted (winning the contest).

Before the war, Toll was a cartoonist at Princeton, where he drew the version of the Princeton Tiger school mascot that remains in use today.

The article was published in the Princeton Alumni Weekly and can be viewed here (along with more of Lt. Toll's artwork):’42

Taiwanese pilot dies after AT-3 midair collision
Defence officials said the pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Chuang Pei-yuan, twice rejected calls to eject from the aircraft as he tried to manoeuvre it clear of residential areas near Zihguan District in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. Read more...

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