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Chris Madison

President, Chairman of the Board
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Personal History:

Chris is Chairman of Sierra Nevada Investment Group, LLC (“SNIG”), a private real estate investment company located in Eagle Rock that invests, primarily in commercial real estate.  Currently SNIG has properties in Southern California and Seattle.

Prior to selling his company, Madison/Graham ColorGraphics, Chris was President, CEO and Chairman of the company.  ColorGraphics, Inc. is an industrial printing company with annual sales in excess of $170 million, 500 employees and plants in Los Angeles, Can Francisco, Seattle and Orange County.

Chris started working at ColorGraphics in 1965, while still in high school and all during his college years.  He has held several positions since starting his career at ColorGraphics including driving a delivery truck and selling printing until 1978 when he was named president of the company.

Military History and Service:

No military service.

Tie to 475th:

Upon selling his company ColorGraphics, Chris was asked to serve on the board of the 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation.  Chris then became president and CEO.  In this new role Chris has gone out and recruited sons and daughters and those with ties to the 475th to keep the Foundation alive.

Chris is the son of Pete Madison, the foundation founder and catalyst in getting a museum started.  Pete served as a pilot for the 5th army air corp., 475th Fighter Group, 431st  Squadron stationed in New Guinea.  Pete and a couple of friends and 475th members, Hal Gray and Jim Moreing got their heads together to locate members and get the first reunion going.  Pete was instrumental in urging all to send him memorabilia to get a mini-museum set up.  Upon his passing, leadership was taken by his close friend and fellow P-38 pilot PJ Dahl who carried on for the next 10 years with Pete’s dream to perpetuate the legacy of the group culminating with the magnificent facility now at Chino, housing a flying P-38 carrying 475th colors.

Contribution to 475th:

Chris serves as Chairman of the 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation and President of the 475th Museum.

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