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Rhonda Rose, Website Administrator & 2013 Reunion Chair

Personal history

Rhonda was born to 475th veteran Tech Sgt. Marvin O. Rose and wife Lourdes Baltazar Rose in Manila, Philippines. Rhonda was raised in the Philippines and moved back to the States after Marcos rule in the early 1970’s. She has an older sister and brother, and several step sisters and one step brother. Rhonda is a Registered Nurse, currently working for a Medicaid Managed Care Organization in Population Health. Rhonda works in Nashville, TN and has hosted a reunion there for the 475th recently. Rhonda’s interests are gardening, cooking, reading, movies, books, junking and music. Rhonda is active in ministry, serving on the Advisory Council of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries in Goodlettsville, TN. She is a member of Forest Grove United Methodist church in Joelton, TN. Rhonda has 2 furry 4 legged babies with tails, named Emma and Petey, who are a great source of joy and laughter.

Military history and service

No military service.

Tie to 475th:

Rhonda’s father was a long time member of the 475th FGHF, serving as a Tech Sgt in the 475th. Marvin O. Rose was an electrical aircraft mechanic whose focus was the magnetos and engines of the P-38s used by the 475th. Mr. Rose was stationed in Papua, New Guinea and helped to liberate the Philippines with McArthur’s return. Mr. Rose met his wife, Lourdes Binuya Baltazar in Lingayen and remained in the Philippines with his family for nearly 30 years. He hosted 2 or more reunions for the 475th and passed away last year at age 93 years after a short illness.

Contribution to 475th:

Rhonda Rose serves as Web Site Director for the 475th, overseeing the development and design of the 475th website. The goal of the website is to serve as a centralized location for 475th information, history and digitalized memorabilia. The future plans for the website are to create a "virtual museum" and educational center to tell the story of the 475th Fighter Group and its veterans. Such sections as "Heroes Hall of Fame" and the downloading of veteran interviews and other relevant information about the 475th is hoped to keep the 475th and its heroes alive for future generations.

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