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Almost Catastrophic

Gooney flying in 1747
By Retired USAF LT. COL.Robert H. Drumm, EAA 30946

From "Almost Catastrophic":

"In the rain and darkeness we lost all electrical power. All of a sudden the ciruit breaker panel started to smoke, and we noticed a small flame. Plots who have experience flying at night on instruments with no lights on the panel ask the crew chief to flash the flashlight on the panel to make it glow. Our crew chief did just that and then continued to fight the enlarging fire with the fire extinguisher."

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Friends of the 475th
These "friends" are fighter aces who also made their mark in aerial combat. Some flew with and along-side of the men of the 475th, others distinguished themselves in Europe, Asia, or North Africa. They represent the efforts and sacrifices of all Americans in World War II, and beyond. Click on a name to read a short story of each.
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Stories from the Pilots and Men of the 475th Fighter Group
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