Our own Gladstone Mortimer was tooling along a Florida highway, slightly below Mach I, when a Smoky invited him to pull over so they could have a discussion. Expecting the worst he did as requested. Refusing a blindfold he awaited his fate.

When the Officer noticed the 475th license plate frame and the fact the Gladstone was wearing a 475th Tee shirt he said, “You must have thought you were flying a fighter plane”. He was then told he could forget the ticket but he was to remember he was on the highway not in the wild blue yonder. Figuring that the ticket would have cost him at least $100.00, he sent same as a contribution to the museum in recognition of what belonging to 475th had done for him.

The moral: Always keep a 475th frame on your plate. They can be obtained from the 475th on this website. Any contribution to the museum would be appreciated.