Eternal sky,
How I feel your love
Your haunting presence
Tugging, calling, beckoning for me.

You are like my heart:
A beat,
A rhythm that consumes my body
With warmth and longing
To be held by your vast, pure and tender
Infinite greatness.

I will ride your ebbing and flowing breath
On wings of silver
Through your sunlit, golden chambers
That unite us in a dance
That only our souls know.

Loving sky,
How I need to use you to climb
To heights that dazzle the minds of men,
I will soar and dive,
And test my internal strength,
My skill,
And cry out to the Eagles,
“I am with you my brothers!”

Infinite sky,
How I respect your power,
Your pure truth and consuming love,
You have shown me wisdom, strength, and knowledge
Also the courage of respect.

Oh ever patient sky,
Now is my time to show you
That I am worthy of all your majesty,
Hold me my silent mentor,
And I will share the secrets of my soul.
Here my friend is my heart, my hands,
My mind and body,
Help guide my path in life
With truth and trust through infinity,
For we are now one
My sky.

Written by: Alexander J. Zomchek Sr. – Merrill, WI

In Memory of the late Richard F. Van Der Geest

Submitted by: Ann M. Schneider – Daughter of the late Richard F. Van Der Geest

* Copyrighted Material – Used here by permission of the author. – 475th FG Foundation